Teasers for Prince Harry’s televised engagement have sparked a tsunami of outrage. But what about her memories with the Windsors? | Prince Harry


Like teasers of teasers, the trailers for the Duke of Sussex’s TV interviews promoting his memoir, The Spray, have been very short.

In one, confronting Tom Bradby, the ITV presenter and former royal correspondent he has known for two decades, Prince Harry said: “I want my father back, I want my brother back. »

The clips show him saying he “doesn’t have to be like this” and “I need a family, not an institution” as he claims it is appropriate to portray him and his wife Megan as “bad guys”.

In another clip with CBS News’ 60 Minutes Anderson Cooper, Harry talks about royal reporters, his pet peeves and their alleged collusion with Buckingham Palace to “brief and publish stories against me and my wife.”

Each of the clips is a minute long, but predictably caused a tsunami of outrage. Indefatigable chroniclers have drawn from the depths angry metaphors and adjectives; Given the over-publicity Sussex finished this Christmas, the well must be running dry.

“Watch out Windsor, bitter Harry is heating up his spleen again,” read one headline, while others described him as ruining his family or doing some stupid exercise to make money off the story. had a “short lifespan”. “.

From Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, at least in public, there has been silence, with sources making it clear that there is no vexatious desire.

But will the royals keep a spare book when it comes out on Tuesday? Trailers for the two interviews, which will air on Sunday, echo themes similar to those featured in Harry and Meghan’s six-part Netflix documentary released last month. Disruption of the family, interference of the press, accusations of failure to protect the couple – it seems that both the institution and the family were told.

The royal family’s mantra, according to Harry, is “Never complain, never explain. But he says in the CBS clip that it’s “just a slogan” and that there are many complaints behind the scenes. He hints that this is reflected in his “spoon stories” to the appropriate press.

So far, the contents of the “open” memories have not been revealed. An anonymous source with knowledge of the book told The Sunday Times: “Overall, I think it’s a book [will be ] for them, the royal family is worse than expected. All are naked. Charles is doing better than I expected, but it’s especially hard on William, and even Kate is taking a bit of a beating.

The palace PR machine recently made a ceremonial coup by meeting briefly with former Fab Four William, Kate, Harry and Meghan and smilingly walking in Windsor after the Queen’s death. Perhaps Harry’s book draws the curtain on this, along with the other stories the audience is fed about the “business” every day.

If any of the royals do act in public, the bookmakers’ money will be on the Prince of Wales – who Harry says shouted and shouted at at the Sandringham meeting as he confirmed the Sussexes’ departure from the UK and the royal’s chest.

And it was William, who was caught off guard by public suggestions that Harry and Meghan’s royal family were racists, who replied: “We’re not really a racist family” when asked by a TV reporter.

Perhaps what upsets William the most is his brother’s monopolization of the memory of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. Harry has spoken many times about the lasting psychological impact her untimely death has had on him.

Not limited to protocol, he has made it public again and again, and it is expected to form an important part of the book. ITV, which is promoting the interview, said Harry would talk about his personal relationship and his death, which he had “never heard before”. But Diana left behind two young sons.

As for the royals, sources claim the door is always open to Harry and Meghan. It may take a deep dive for Charles not to invite his youngest son to the coronation on May 6, or for Harry to decline the invitation. Whether the publication of the “Additional” edition will be a catalyst for this or some kind of reconciliation will be known only after the book hits the shelves.

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