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Earlier this month, Chrissy Teigen made a stunning announcement: She’s pregnant. Shortly thereafter, she went on the typical five-star luxury European vacation that all American celebrities get after such a revelation. Our favorite 36-year-old model and influencer posted a few photos of herself from her travels, including this one:

“EVERYONE IS WATCHING!!!!!!!” Teigen captioned the shot. “This is a big deal.

It’s a big deal. It’s also a confusing photo because something seems different about Teigen’s eyebrows or her face in general. “I had to zoom in to see it was you,” wrote one commenter. “Natural beauty!”

I think they meant well. Regardless, the comment echoes the sentiments of other fans who have been following Teigen’s changing looks on Instagram lately. Earlier this month, one commented: “There’s something completely different about her. Still beautiful, but different.” Teigen responded to the comment with her own comment: “You guys are something.”

I think it’s probably easy to see what happened here, as Teigen explained to us earlier. Last year, she underwent buccal fat removal surgery, in which a plastic surgeon (in this case, Dr. Jason Diamond) removes fat pads from her cheeks. She then underwent eyebrow transplant surgery, which is where a plastic surgeon (in this case, Dr. Jason Diamond AND Dr. Jason Champagne) takes hair from the back of someone’s head and implants it into the eyebrows.

The results of these procedures are now apparent. There may be something else going on, but I’m sure Ms. Teigen will tell us when the time is right.

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