TFC: Ahead of the French Cup final, we present the fan clubs


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Members of the fan club will be among the thousands of fans heading to the Stade de France for this Saturday night’s Coupe de France final. x-ray.

A purple wave will sweep over the Stade de France this Saturday evening for the Copa del Rey final against Toulouse and Nantes. About 25 thousand supporters are expected. A figure at the height of enthusiasm for TFC. While the club’s relationship has largely borne fruit, the work of fan groups has also helped to rekindle the flame. We offer you eight amateur clubs.

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The first group of supporters is celebrating its 30th anniversary. On this occasion, he changed his name. It used to be called Indians. From now on it will be NVDRS. About 1,000 members make up the support group. These ultras rock the Brice Taton bend. For the French Cup final, they planned a historic typhoon.

Purple supporters

With 500 followers, this group of supporters is made up of people of all ages. It was founded in 1983 by Jacqui Thulier, a former steward of a professional team. “About 80% of them” will take part in the final on Saturday evening, assured president Alain Grolier.

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Visca Tolosa

350 members, 343 subscribers and all will be at St. Denis. Vizca Tolosa, founded by fans who wanted to form a group with “different values”, stood in the Dear South Stand at the stadium.

the Oksians

Invisible near the heart. The Oxifans are TFC expat supporters in the Paris area. They are about 300 members. And to their delight, they will reach the final of the French Cup.

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Viola Club

Love is purple there. But really purple. The fan group brings together Téf fans who have their hearts set on Fiorentina in Italy. Founded in 1996, it has 200 subscribers, located on the Brice Taton shoulder, in the stadium.

Fan club

This is a fan club. Founded in 1994, it claims 94 subscribers. “And there are men,” jokes President Nadine Espinasse. Everyone will support the club at the Stade de France. In Toulouse, they sit on the venerable stand of the South.

Forza Viola

For them, football does not stop at the stadium. The fan club is none other than the amateur football team Les Violets, who compete in the Leisure Football Championship. The 53 members at Brice Thaton have their own venue and will travel to Paris on Saturday to shout their love for Tef.

Kurva West

The Last Born Supporters Club unites 30 to 50 members. They’re doing Krispoff-Revo live from January 1 to “provide a stadium atmosphere.” Especially at the Stade de France…

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