The alleged train involved in the CDMX subway crash has nearly 1,500 derailments


In some photos of the event, you can see the identifying numbers and letters (Screenshot)

On January 7, two trains collided between stations Paddock Y Racematches Line 3 Mexico City Metro (CDMX); According to Victor Alvarado, a transport engineer at the National Polytechnic Institute, one of them was decommissioned 1,497 times between 2012 and 2021.IPN).

In the various pictures distributed of the accident one person was killed and 59 people were injuredIt can be seen that it is one of the affected units “M0469”another train was seen on another train “1840”.

Although the cause of the subway incident has not been officially revealed, Victor Alvarado indicated that the train was the main culprit. traction/braking systemwith the total amount 557 out of service for this reason.

Here's a list of visible train-disabling faults (Twitter/@Ar7ois)
Here’s a list of visible train-disabling faults (Twitter/@Ar7ois)

Other reasons to train 424/469 out of circulation: system autopilot 215 times; boxes 173 times; door system 157 times; mechanical equipment 135 times, command and control 71 times; power generation system 60 times, air generation system 40 times; external causes 37 times; signaling and registration 29 times; at the same time communication team 23 times.

“Referring to the event @MetroCDMX Y if the configuration of the cars has not changedThere was a train involved 424/469 Model: NM-83A, forced to retire from 2012 to 2021 1497 times, The main reason is the traction/braking system,” he wrote on his Twitter account with a user @Ar7ois.

59 people were injured and one person died in the accident on subway number 3
59 people were injured and one person died in the accident on subway number 3

On the other hand, the other train involved in the accident would be 414/415, whose stoppages were also due to traction/braking problems, a total of 248 times. In general, this unit of the Metro Collective Transport System (TCS) would be removed 930 times.

Needless to say, even no official report the trains involved have also not been revealed, so this information is based on the numbers and letters shown in the photographs, but still the configuration of the units may have changed. In addition, the data will not be updated until 2022.

If these trains had existed, they would have been running despite the many failures that necessitated the suspension of service.

However, this would not be the only disturbance in the metro facilities, as a user noticed abnormal movement in the section where the accident occurred, a statement made via Twitter on December 28, 2022.

“La Raza Metro Exit at Potrero (in the direction of Indios Verdes) there is an empty part of the road (Listened and felt the damage),” he wrote on his Twitter page @Isabellaebella.

Users are not only warned about the failures presented by this part of the network, but also CDMX metro workers have been complaining about a lack of maintenance and tools for months.

Expert work in the area was completed at 17:00 on January 7. (REUTERS / Quetzalli Nicte-Ha)
Expert work in this area was completed at 17:00 on January 7. (REUTERS / Quetzalli Nicte-Ha)

On January 7, around 10 p.m., the head of the CDMX government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced that it was still there. 21 people were hospitalized for injuries caused by an accident.

His tweet read “13 at San Angel Inn Chapultepec, 1 at Ruben Leniero, 5 on October 2nd and 1 at San Angel Inn Universidad.”

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