The AOC warns that gas stoves are “critical to science”.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-F) wants us to know: “The science behind some of the emissions from gas stoves is critical.

Some shows?

So are there any other suitable shows?

Rep. According to Rocket Scientist very disturbing science, “Cognitive development, asthma, cancer, etc., especially in young children.”

A living person.

AOC uses a gas stove, so let’s be open to admit that there is an argument for the “cognitive development” part.

Then he tried to get us to own the conservatives, laughing at our reaction to the feds threatening to ban gas stoves. “No secret government agency is going to knock on your door and take away your gas stove,” quipped Ocasio-Cortez. “It’s a decision about what can be sold and the rules in the distant future. Good? So everyone turns the heat down a little.

In other words, he wants us to shut up about it until it’s too late, until the “distant future.”

Then the AOC came up with its scientific solution.

“Maybe if you’re cooking and you don’t have the hood on, you can turn it on,” he said. “Maybe if you’re in a nice place and you’re cooking, if it’s not freezing or there’s some other problem, open the window.”

Maybe you’re running your own business.


Does anyone believe that gas stoves cause cancer or asthma or stunt cognitive development?

Why would a sane, rational person with healthy cognitive development believe such a thing?

I certainly wasn’t the first to notice how every piece of scientific research neatly slips between the leaves of a left-wing fascist agenda.

Only socialism can solve global warming!

Climate change can only be solved by eating insects instead of cows.

Meat is bad for health.

Your car is killing the planet.

Your grill is killing the planet.

Fun is killing the planet.


Obesity is good for health.

Chemically blocked puberty is healthy.

Smoking is healthy.

Leftist protests don’t spread viruses.

How many times do those idiots have to be wrong before we stop believing them? Forty-one times? Fifty times? How about fifty three times?

What about this…

Instead of banning everything, why not act like Americans? You tell me the apparent risks, and I appreciate how much risk I want in my life. Doesn’t that sound reasonable? If you want to wear a mask and cook bugs on an electric stove, goddammit.

I will say right now that I don’t think gas stoves are going to hurt anything except lefties who want us to depend on a centralized power grid that they control. They want us all to live in California with the lights on and off and very expensive “rush hours” because Gaia comes first or something.

Gas stoves have been around forever, and gas stoves have always been lit with 24/7 pilot lights. Same with gas stoves, clothes dryers, and water heaters. These appliances now have electronic ignition, meaning no pilot light, meaning less gas is burned in our homes than before. So how did our culture become so insane that we burn less gas in our homes than ever before?

Does anyone doubt that our culture is exponentially dumber and more reliable than the electronic ignition of 30 and 40 years ago?

How’s that for scientific correlation?

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