THE BOYZ Sunwoo’s temporary hiatus, fans outrage over the company’s “poor” artist management


BOYZ fans are not happy with the band’s agency as they announced Sunwoo’s hiatus due to health issues. Fans of The BOYZ love to watch every performance of the band. However, sometimes the band’s fans were not convinced about the behavior of the band’s agency. Post that now Sunwoo pause added more to it.

Read ahead to learn more about The BOYZ fans being unhappy with the band’s agency’s behavior after Sunwoo’s hiatus.

Sunwoo is on an indefinite hiatus

BOYZ has a hectic schedule where they are always busy performing and promoting their songs and albums. In fact, they recently released their seventh mini album BE AWARE for everyone. Their fans quite liked that.

However, BOYZ’s agency IST Entertainment recently announced one of the band member’s hiatuses, which definitely didn’t sit well with the boy group’s fans. Sunwoo is set to take an indefinite hiatus due to health issues.

IST Entertainment’s announcement on Sunwoo

It was on August 30th that The BOYZ’s agency IST Entertainment announced that Sunwoo was on an indefinite hiatus due to his health issues. In a post shared by IST Entertainment on social media. It stated that Sunwoo is taking a break due to his health problems, which have now worsened.

Although the agency definitely did not specify what health problems Sunwoo is dealing with. Meanwhile, following IST Entertainment’s announcement, fans of The BOYZ flooded Twitter with comments on the agency’s behavior.

Fans are not happy with the behavior of The BOYZ agency

Post the announcement of Sunwoo’s indefinite hiatus due to health issues. Fans of the boy group took to Twitter to express their opinion on the behavior of the band’s agency. Some users said that although the agency claims that the artist’s health is a priority, the agency is not always able to do so.

One user said the agency needs to give the group a break. For their health to be fine. Users are not happy with the way The BOYZ agency manages the artists. Meanwhile, Sunwoo’s health issues have caused his fans to worry about when he will be okay to make a comeback.

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