The Catholic Diocese of Iowa bans boys and girls from sports, requiring students to use bathrooms that match their biological sex.


The Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa, has issued new policies banning transgender “girls” from participating in school and religious sports, and restricting bathrooms and locker rooms to those of their birth gender. » sex.

60-year-old Bishop William M. The new policy, led by Joensen, will be implemented in the region’s 17 schools, four hospitals and 80 parishes overseen by the diocese.

The administration said the seven new rules do not apply to outside vendors, visitors or people who do not work for the diocese or who are on the premises but not acting officially.

In particular, the new regulation regarding sports states that “everyone must use the bathroom or locker room according to their biological sex.” However, the diocese did not rule out the use of private bathrooms.

Another rule restricts athletics to native participants.

“With the exception of mixed sports, men should play men’s sports and women should play women’s sports. There should be no crossover,” the rule states, prohibiting “transgender girls” from playing against native girls.

Bishop William Joensen, head of the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines. (Catholic Diocese of Des Moines)

The new policy prohibits teachers, school and church staff from using “preferred pronouns” on church property. Indeed, the policy opposes “invented pronouns” that, “even if they are meant to be an act of charity, they contribute to the dissociation between biological sex and ‘gender’ and thus confuse or deny ‘personal integrity’.”

Other policies prohibit boys from wearing girls’ school uniforms and vice versa, prohibit boys who identify as transgender from attending all-girls schools, and prevent nurses and administrators from administering “sexual maturation inhibitors” to children on church property.

“We recognize their freedom of conscience to opt out or opt out of situations they find distasteful. Moreover, if they want to fully participate in our community of faith, including our Catholic schools, they must support the Church’s mission of bearing witness to truths accessible to reason and faith,” the Church added.

The diocese told KCCI that the new policies are “part of a long process…the result of answering questions raised by leaders.” [their] parishes and schools.

The diocese has done all it can to recognize the personal worth of people with “gender dysphoria,” stating in its policy that “all people with gender dysphoria know that the Catholic Church freely affirms that Jesus loves them unconditionally.” . Through Christ and the Church, and they are important members of the Body of Christ with a home in God’s family.

The diocese has also rejected a radical LGBTQ agenda.

“The Catholic Church teaches that the disruption of normal sexual development, or more dramatically, the removal or destruction of healthy sexual and reproductive organs, is a medically and morally harmful form of ‘need,'” the policy states. “Procedures, surgeries, and therapies that help a person ‘change their gender’ are morally prohibited.”

Not surprisingly, state Democrats and LGBTQ activists vilify the diocese. For example, anti-Christian Democratic state senator Claire Selsey accused the diocese of encouraging trans children to commit suicide in a tweet.

“Diocese of Des Moines codifies ostracism of transgender children. These schools want public money and want to treat children in ways that drive them to suicide. Jesus wouldn’t do that,” he tweeted.

The left-leaning Interfaith Alliance of Iowa also criticized the diocese, saying its “dangerous” new policy promotes gay “goods.” Daily mail reported.

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