The flu is affecting Mack Jones’ body language, former NFL player says



The sophomore’s critics continue to criticize his body language.

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Mack Jones said his outbursts on the field were due to his passion for the game.

From dropping F-bombs caught on TV cameras to dangerous rock diving past Eli Apple, Jones has worn his emotions on his sleeve this season.

Boomer said Esiason Jones had “douche” in his antics. Julian Edelman said Jones was putting on a face, and Vince Wilfork said it would hurt to watch.

Former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder has a theory about why the Patriots’ second-year quarterback acted the way he did.

“I’ve heard you guys talk about Mack Jones’ body language before,” Crowder said on FS1’s “The Herd.” “It’s called a collection. [If] you’ve been given too much, you’ve got too much money, you’re a little different. I grew up around a group of rich people and played with rich guys. They have this little attitude and you know it’s coming to you. You mentioned Jay Cutler. I would raise Josh Allen in this conversation. Kyler Murray was a trust fund kid.

The Merriam-Wester dictionary defines affluenza as: “The harmful and negative psychological and social consequences of wealth are seen as a particularly widespread social problem: such as guilt, lack of motivation, and social isolation of the wealthy.”

Alabama coach Nick Saban said last year that controlling his emotions was Jones’ “biggest obstacle” as a college player.

In Alabama, Jones was nicknamed “McEnroe” after legendary tennis player John McEnroe.

“There are guys who have money and guys who don’t,” Crowder said. “Zach Thomas, I don’t know if Zach wants me to tell the world, his dad is a billionaire. And Zach Thomas is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever been around. It was not enough. This wealth falls to some [people]. That didn’t happen with Trevor Lawrence.


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