The iPhone SE is dead


Apple updates its cheapest smartphone every two years, and with an iPhone SE release in 2022, the next one is scheduled for 2024.

According to Kuo, Apple has informed its supply chain partners that iPhone SE production and shipping plans for 2024 have not only been delayed, but canceled. Interestingly, the move also affected Apple’s much-rumored internal baseband chip, which, despite having held that position securely for years, remains in the “corner” of rumours.

Maybe the last iPhone SE is the 2022 model

The baseband chip was originally supposed to be adopted by the upcoming iPhone SE. Apple wanted to use this device as a kind of guinea pig – if something goes wrong, at least they will do it in the cheapest smartphone it sells, not one of the most successful models. If all goes well, the chip could enter the iPhone 16 series later in 2024.

Now, however, with the 2024 iPhone SE looming, concerns remain over whether the performance of Apple’s own baseband chip will match Qualcomm’s offerings. Because of these concerns, Qualcomm’s ability to provide baseband chips for the iPhone 16 generation has increased dramatically. This goes against the “market consensus,” so Qualcomm will start losing iPhone orders in 2024.

With this development, Qualcomm will still supply Apple until at least 2025. As such, it is expected to continue dominating the global high-end mobile baseband chip market this year and next, leading to much higher profit margins than its (few) competitors.


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