The Lancet calls for a move away from person-centred healthcare


ROME – Once a prestigious Britain Lancet A medical journal calls for a “revolutionary shift in perspective” away from human-centered health care in favor of “ecological equity.” throughout life.

In his speech “One Health”. Lancet “The health of people, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the general environment (including ecosystems) are closely related,” and offers “a comprehensive and integrative approach to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals, and ecosystems.” . related and interdependent”.

The traditional approach to health care takes a purely anthropocentric view of “the human being as the center of medical attention and care.” Lancet “One health places us in an interconnected and interdependent relationship with nonhuman animals and the environment.”

Innovation in the perspective proposed by One Health is based on the progressive axiom that “all lives are equal and of equal concern”, which in the review means “addressing pressing health issues at the human-animal-environment interface”.

Such a change “requires a complete change in our relationship with animals,” Lancet asserts, therefore, the review recommends “a shift from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet that benefits not only human health but also animal health and welfare. “.

In his revolutionary proposal Lancet shows that human life is not necessarily more valuable than the life of a non-human animal.

One Health requires us to look at the natural world in a radically different way, the journal says, “where we care as much about the well-being of nonhuman animals and the environment as we do about humans.”

“In fact, ‘One Health’ is a call not only for health, but also for environmental equality,” he concluded.


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