The mayor of New York visited the Texas border and condemned the federal government’s response to migrants


El Paso, Texas — During a visit to the border city of El Paso, Texas, New York City Mayor Eric Adams strongly criticized the federal government’s actions against the influx of immigrants to American cities, saying, “We need real coordination.

He said on Sunday that cities experiencing an influx of immigrants needed help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“Our cities are mined. And we don’t deserve it. Migrants do not deserve this. And people who live in cities don’t deserve that,” Adams said as he wrapped up a trip to El Paso over the weekend. “We expect our national leaders to solve this problem in a meaningful way. “

Adams said he was overwhelmed by New York City. Since last spring, New York has taken in about 40,000 asylum seekers and last week, Adams said, reached a record high of about 840 asylum seekers in a single day.

“New York can’t take it anymore. We can’t,” Adams said, adding that other cities can’t afford much either.

“No city deserves what’s going on,” he said.

Adams, a Democrat, also criticized some governors’ practice of transporting immigrants directly from the border to cities like New York. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, sent busloads of immigrants to Democratic cities last year to maximize the impact of the Biden administration’s inaction. in the context of the large number of migrants crossing the southern border.

Adams noted that the governor of Colorado, a Democrat, also bussed migrants to New York. He said the actions of the two governors “showed a disrespect for cities from both parties, and that’s wrong.”

Adams said the federal government should step up spending to help cities.

“We need a moment of clarity from FEMA leadership,” he said. “This is a national crisis.”

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden also visited El Paso.

ABC News

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