The Owl House season 3 episode 2 sadly won’t release until 2023


The Owl House has just returned for its third and final adventure, but unfortunately, episode 3 of series 2 won’t be released on Disney until 2023.

In just a few hours, The Owl House will return to our screens with a premiere that will mark a bittersweet moment for the show’s global community.

On the one hand, millions of fans around the world are delighted that the show is returning for its third season – even more so since we’re about to get a special 44-minute broadcast.

However, this is also balanced by the sadness that Season 3 will be the final part of The Owl House story; which was preemptively discontinued by Disney under highly controversial circumstances.

While a specific release date for The Owl House Episode 3 hasn’t been revealed, it’s been confirmed that the final two specials won’t air until 2023 – here’s what you need to know.

The Owl House season 3 episode 2 will be released in 2023

On September 14ThursdayTV Guide shared an exclusive report that confirmed that Season 3 of The Owl House will premiere on Saturday the 15th.Thursday.

The article also detailed that the final two episodes of Season 3 and The Owl House series in general will be released in 2023.

“The second and third episodes, also 44 minutes each, will premiere in 2023, exact date to be announced.” – TV guide.

This was then confirmed by the Disney Branded TV PR Twitter page, which posted later the same day when “The next two installments [will] premiere in 2023.”

Disney plans Twitter The site also shared that no new episodes of The Owl House will premiere in November 2022, as many fans are claiming online. Plus, the same goes for Big City Greens, Bunk’d, The Ghost and Molly McGee, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, and Alice’s Wonderland Bakery.

According to an early (and speculative) prediction, the season 21 episode aired on May 28Thursday and with Season 3 debuting today, October 15thThursdaywhich means that the production cycle is roughly five months.

Assuming this will be the maximum waiting time between episodes 1 and 2 of series 3, this means that The Owl House should not return until at least March 2023.

“While highly anticipated, The Owl House specials represent a shortened final season and mark a somewhat bittersweet end for the beloved series after it was announced that the show was coming to an end sooner than its creator had hoped.” – TV guide.

This article will be updated as soon as the official release date for The Owl House Season 3 Episode 3 is confirmed, so stay tuned for the latest news on the penultimate airing of the series.

How many awards has The Owl House won?

Despite being one of the best original animated shows on Disney over the past few years, The Owl House has struggled to actually win the awards it’s been nominated for.

From October 15Thursdaythe series was nominated for 13 awards and won three of them:

  • Autostraddle TV Awards 2020 – Outstanding Animated Series: Nominated
  • GLAAD Media Award 2021 – Outstanding Children’s and Family Program: Nominations
  • Annie Awards 2021 – Best Character Design: Nominated
  • Peabody Awards 2021 – Children and Youth Program: Won
  • Daytime Emmys 2021 – Outstanding Lead Title for a Daytime Animated Program: Nominations
  • Imagen Awards 2021 – Best Voiceover Actor on TV: Nominated
  • Autostraddle TV Awards 2021 – Outstanding Animated Series: Nominations
  • GLAAD Media Award 2022 – Outstanding Advertising for Children Family Programming: Nominated
  • BMI Film & TV Awards 2022 – BMI Cable Television Award: Won
  • Autostraddle TV Awards 2022 – Outstanding LGBTQ+ Director/Writer/Showrunner: Nominated
  • Autostraddle TV Awards 2022 – Outstanding Animated Series: Won
  • Imagen Awards 2022 – Best Voiceover Actor on TV: Nominated
  • Imagen Awards 2022 – Best Youth Program: Nominations

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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