The Owl House season 3 release date and time confirmed for Disney


The release date and time for Owl House Season 3 has just been confirmed, but there’s a catch that will leave fans of the series reeling.

The second season of Disney’s hit animated series The Owl House ended on May 28, 2022, after the show made a long-awaited comeback last summer. Almost immediately after the credits rolled, fans around the world began looking ahead to the future of this socially important and relevant show.

Well, there is good news and bad news regarding The Owl House Season 3; on the one hand, a release date and time has just been confirmed, but unfortunately it will also be the last installment of the series and not a full-length season.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Owl House Season 3 issues, why the show was axed, and most importantly, what date and time it’s now set to release on Disney.

Owl House Season 3 release date and time confirmed, but there’s a catch

The Owl House season 3 episode has been officially confirmed to air on Saturday, October 15th at 9:00pm ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney XD – that’s 2:00am BST/3:00am CET and on October 16th at 9:00 a.m. PT. international fans outside the US.

According to an exclusive TV Guide report, “The first 44-minute special, titled ‘Thank Them,’ will pick up right where The Owl House Season 2 finale left off, with Luz and her friends stranded in the human realm—and willing to do anything to get him back to the Demon Realm and saved the Boiling Isles from Emperor Belos and the Collector.”

Two short clips from the episode are now shared by the Disney Channel YouTube page, see below. Interestingly, the two clips tease that a timeskip is in the works for The Owl House, as each of the characters has slightly longer hair than when we last saw them in the Season 2 finale.

The Owl House is the season 3 that Disney ordered until May 2021, before the second season premiered.

“Dana and her team have created a series that continues to push the envelope with epic and diverse stories, an amazing world, and multi-faceted characters that have captivated our audiences. We’re eager to showcase more adventures in seasons two and three.” – Meredith Roberts, via Deadline.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that Season 3 of The Owl House will be the series’ final installment after it was canceled by Disney, and it also won’t be a regular season of 19-21 episodes, instead “consisting of three 44-minute specials.”

Responding to a fan on Twitter about whether Season 3 would be the last, creator Dana Terrace said in a now-deleted tweet via Popculture: “Unfortunately, yes. But we’re excited about what we have planned.”

A release date for The Owl House Episode 2 and Episode 3 has yet to be revealed, but both premiere in 2023 – there will be a follow-up article after Episode 1 premieres, so stay tuned.

“I’ve had the very rare privilege of watching the show from its inception, from when Dana compiled the show’s bible to the present day. It is rare and rewarding to be a part of something so beloved. I never had to cry on Gravity Falls, King has been through rough stuff. Owl House taught me how to cry on command.” – Alex Hirsch, via Polygon.

Fans of The Owl House are now left in this awkward situation where we are happy for the new specials, but at the same time extremely frustrated that this is the last adventure, so why was The Owl House released?

Why was The Owl House canceled with a shortened season 3?

In an Ask Me Anything Reddit interview, Terrace went into more detail about why she thought The Owl House got the ax from Disney. The first point of challenge was to resolve whether the series was canceled due to LGBTQ+ representation.

Terrace said that “Although we’ve had issues with the broadcast in a few countries (and they’re outright banned in a few others), I’m not going to have bad faith with the people I work with in LA.

The pandemic-related budget and production were also not reasons for the cancellation, with Terrace noting that she “wasn’t even allowed to make my case”.

“They just wanted to end TOH and this was the perfect opportunity to do it. Even getting the s3 consolation episodes was apparently difficult. Hard to say, I wasn’t allowed to be a part of any conversation until I was…told.” – Dana Terrace, via Reddit.

The creator would then add how both the budget and ratings at the time of this decision were good enough to merit a full-length third season… So what was the real reason? According to Terrace, branding.

“Ultimately, there are several marketers who oversee what fits the Disney brand, and one day one of those guys decided that TOH didn’t fit the ‘brand’. The story is serialized (hardly compared to any average anime lmao), our audience is older, and that just didn’t fit this one guy’s taste. And it is done! Isn’t it wild? It really crushes me, boils my brain, kicks me in the shins, all that stuff. It sucks, but it’s true.” – Dana Terrace, via Reddit.

Can you get involved in helping The Owl House?

As Terrace noted in a now-deleted tweet, the best thing fans can do is tell Disney directly that they want more The Owl House Season 3 content.

“Many creators have said that, but the idea is still the same. If you want another Owl House, let Disney know! Watch it on Disney+! Send physical letters but for some reason they still read them! Do you have your own pet demon? Make them stare uncomfortably at ppl eating lunch!” – Dana Terrace, via Popculture.

However, fans also took matters into their own hands and started countless petitions to get Disney to continue making The Owl House. At the time of writing, the most popular petition has over 168,000 signatures and is just a few members away from reaching its goal of 200,000.

The petition explains how Disney “doesn’t seem to read the DMs and emails, probably due to 1) the sheer number they receive and 2) the fact that the people sending the letters are statistically over 18 and therefore able to earn and spend money (eg on, say, a cable subscription or merchandise). They then emphasize the importance of sending physical letters by “snail mail”

“What is the message we want to send? Personally, I know that I want to watch inclusive television shows with positive representation of different races, sexualities, body sizes, and economic status. I want to see weirdness and imperfections celebrated, not shamed. The Owl House provides just that – so let’s see how it continues!” – Petition.

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