The People’s Party has forgotten what victory looks like


CNN political commentator SE Cupp said Monday on “The Lead” that the Republican Party has forgotten what winning looks like over the past few years.

Discussing Gov. Chris Sununu (R-NH), political commentator Van Jones said, “I think he brings a sunny optimism. I think he’s the exact opposite of the DeSantis type and the Trump type. He looks more like Tim Scott. There are two bright, optimistic, dynamic and positive conservatives in the race. This is also a problem. If you have a lot of people like that, it’s harder for the front-runner, ex-President Trump, to win.

Guest host Bianna Golodriga: “Need a date for the evening, SE?” he asked.

Cupp said, “Yes. I would also add common sense. He is a sensible conservative. He’s not afraid to call it a spade. He will challenge Trump or other members of the far right for doing very bad things for the party.

He added: “I think the problem with the Republican Party over the last few years is that they’ve forgotten what winning looks like. They forgot that to implement politics, the point of everything is to win. I think Governor Chris Sununu understands that’s the goal.

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