The Queen And Meghan Markle’s Egg Controversy: Everything You Need To Know


On the morning of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince Harry went on a trip to Balmoral without his significant other Meghan Markle, a move that has prompted many individuals to hypothesize, according to The Daily Beast. Over the past two years, the once well-disposed relationship has reportedly turned wild after the Duke and Duchess decided to leave the royal family and live a normal life, according to Yahoo! lifestyle. As much as many believed the Queen was furious, her statement in January 2020 was anything but.

I want to thank [Prince Harry and Meghan Markle] for all their dedicated work in this country, the Commonwealth and beyond, and I am especially pleased that Meghan has become one of the family so instantly. Today, my whole family hopes that today’s agreement will allow them to start building a happy and peaceful new life.

While the tension has been widely discussed, there’s a chance the row was overblown, and even after Megan Markle left the royal family, she only had nice things to say about the Queen. For example, the Queen was forever amazing to me. I appreciated being in her company, Megan Markle said in 2021 in an interview with Oprah. She was always warm, pleasant and welcoming. Be that as it may, before any of the supposed drama took place, Her Majesty spoke to Meghan Markle one day at Windsor Palace and it wasn’t about food, she wasn’t allowed to eat.

The Queen and Meghan
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The Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle Egg Controversy Explained

In an occasion that saw 1.9 million individuals tune in to watch, King Harry and Meghan Markle officially married on May 19, 2018. As is customary, Queen Elizabeth II gave her formal blessing to the couple a year ago on March 15, for Town and Country . As easy as the wedding was, the Queen pulled Megan Markle aside for a quick word in the days leading up to the event. As royal expert and author Katie Nicholl reported, Megan Markle mentioned a macrobiotic alternative to the food served at her wedding reception. The macrobiotic diet is said to rely heavily on brown rice, vegetables and beans, while discouraging eggs, according to WebMD.

During a taste test at Windsor Palace, the Duchess-to-be claimed she could taste egg in one of the dishes, which she was assured contained no trace of the ingredient. Convincing her that the egg had somehow got into the dish, she allegedly claimed: ‘No, I can taste it.’ Then Queen Elizabeth II entered the room. and pulled her almost-granddaughter aside for a confidential discussion, allegedly saying, Meghan, we don’t address individuals like that in this family. Meghan Markle’s response to the remark has reportedly not been revealed, as has the egg content of the macrobiotic dish.

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