The Resident pays tribute to Chris Harrell in season 6 premiere


After the heart-wrenching events of season 5 and the cliffhanger of its finale, fans of The Resident eagerly awaited the show’s return to American television.

Finally, the season 6 finale premiered on September 20 with a dramatic opening episode that put Padma and her unborn twins in grave danger.

But despite the excitement of this episode, The Resident still took a moment to stop and pay tribute to Chris Harrell.

Resident | Season 5



Resident | Season 5





The Resident dedicates its Season 6 premiere to Chris Harrell

In the final moments of The Resident Season 6 premiere, the episode paused to pay tribute to a much-loved crew member who recently passed away.

Just before the credits began to roll, a title card with a memorial message for Harrell appeared on the screen.

The title card read: “In Loving Memory of Chris Harrell”.

Harrell’s connection to The Resident reportedly stems from his work for the Atlanta-based Teamsters Local 728, which provides production assistance for movies and television shows filmed in the state.

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The creator of Resident pays tribute

After the first episode aired, one of The Resident’s co-creators and writers, Amy Holden Jones, took to social media to pay her own tribute.

In response to a query on Twitter, the 67-year-old screenwriter said Harrell was “a longtime crew member who was valued by the cast and crew of The Resident.”

Jones also confirmed that Harrell “passed this year,” while according to a GoFundMe page created for Chris, he died unexpectedly earlier in 2022 during a medical procedure.

He is survived by his wife and children.

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Coming in season 6

After the excruciating events of the season 6 premiere, where Padma and her twins survived after quick work by Dr. Ian Sullivan, things probably won’t get any easier for the staff at Chastain.

Episode 2 is set to see violence erupt in the wake of the upcoming gubernatorial election results, causing a number of casualties to arrive at Chastain, with Conrad having to treat a particularly aggressive patient.

While episode 3 sees all hands on deck at the hospital after a gunshot victim arrives at the emergency room with catastrophic injuries, while Dr. Sullivan faces a mandatory drug test and Padma prepares for her upcoming C-section.

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Season 6 of The Resident airs weekly at 8:00 PM ET/PT on Fox after premiering on September 20, 2022.

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