The Russian Union of Journalists may be expelled from the international organization


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), which includes journalists from 146 countries, has begun to expel the Russian Union of Journalists from its ranks, Reuters reports. reported Tuesday.

The IFJ announced its decision to withdraw from the Russian Union after journalists’ unions in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland threatened to withdraw from the federation in protest at what they called “corrupt actions” by the IFJ.

The four countries have accused the IFJ of allowing journalists working for Russian state media in Ukraine to remain members despite the Russian Union of Journalists opening new offices in four semi-occupied territories of Ukraine that Moscow says it annexed during the war. “said the Finnish Union.

The head of the Russian Journalists’ Syndicate, Vladimir Soloviev, openly admitted that he would open new offices in the annexed regions of Ukraine, but the ICC called the accusations “false, defamatory and damaging.”

Soloviev said that Ukrainian journalists “supported by the Scandinavian and Baltic countries” were behind the decision to expel the Russian IFJ Union of Journalists, according to the Russian news agency RIA.

Solovyov said that according to the organization’s charter, “it is impossible to exclude the Russian Union for this.”

According to Soloviev, the Russian Union of Journalists had not made an official statement on the IFJ website as of Tuesday afternoon.

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