The US will arm Ukraine with “common decency” and respect “international law.”


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on FNC’s “The Story” Friday that it was “common decency” for the United States to provide weapons systems to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression. .

Host Martha McCallum asked: “Many people say that Putin’s army is not what everyone thinks it is. He loses it. Why are we spending so much time and money on Ukraine? This is proof of some of them. When will we have other concerns at home and elsewhere in the world? What do you tell them, Dr. Rice?

Rice: “I say we have never done anything good when we have allowed the rule of law, international law, common decency and the way Vladimir Putin and the Russians have been undermined. We have to help the Ukrainians stop this, and when I hear, you know, “this is not our fight.” We did not think that 1914 was our battle. We do not think that 1941 is our battle. In 2001, the fight returned to us. Therefore, helping Ukrainians to protect themselves is also protecting ourselves. As for the depletion of our own resources, firstly, I don’t think there will be many wars on earth in Europe. We hope not. If we really focus on supply chain and delivery, that means finding a way to replenish, finding a way to increase production. This does not mean that Ukrainians are not given what they need.

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