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With its reserves seemingly depleted, the Pentagon is scrambling to keep Kyiv’s forces in the fight.

The United States has asked its forces stationed in South Korea to provide military equipment to Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday. Although the Pentagon did not specify what equipment would be requisitioned, earlier reports suggested that the US was taking artillery shells from Seoul.

US forces in Korea confirmed the Pentagon’s request and said it would represent it “Our operations and our ability to fulfill our commitment to protect our ally, the Republic of Korea, have not been affected.”

The spokeswoman did not say what equipment was requested, how much would be provided, and whether it had already been replaced.

However, The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the Pentagon had provided Ukraine with 155mm artillery shells from its stockpiles in South Korea and Israel. The United States delivered a little over a million of these shells to Ukraine. “important part” from these two countries, the newspaper reported, citing an unnamed US official.

According to American officials interviewed by CNN, Ukrainian forces are now firing 4,000 to 7,000 of these shells per day. Estimates of Russian fire varied widely, between 5,000 and 60,000 artillery rounds per day. Ukraine’s artillery disadvantage stems from the fact that its Western-donated guns – the German-made Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzer and the American M777 howitzer – have never been up to speed and fail on the battlefield.

United States of America “Look under every stone” for ammunition, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Fox News on Wednesday. Months of media reports suggest that the US arming of Ukraine has left stockpiles close to exhaustion in some NATO countries.

In light of this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin traveled to Germany this week to chair a meeting of the Defense Liaison Group, a group of about 50 countries that meet regularly to discuss the delivery of new arms packages to Ukraine. Speaking ahead of Thursday’s meeting, Austin said the United States is committed “strengthening the industrial base” production of more weapons and ammunition.

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