The Wendy Williams Show’ is replaced by Sherri Sheperd’ talk show


The last episode of The Wendy Williams Show aired on June 17. Fans are now aware that he will be replaced by another host, Sherri Shepherd. However the show, ‘Sherri’ is good to go for its September 12 debut, Shepherd is now criticizing Wendy Williams.

The new host says she will make her version of the show much more heartfelt for her visitors and viewers. In any case, Sherri Shepherd will be making a big appearance on her show this September after Wendy Williams’ show was axed this June due to her bizarre behavior and the host’s health issues.

Sherri Shepherd is currently throwing shade at the oft-controversial Wendy Williams, just weeks away from her stand-in debut, and has made a special effort to assure fans that she’ll be a more joyful host.

Just to be clear, I’m not, I’m not a mean individual by any stretch of the imagination!” Sherri Shepherd told I am mainly interested in positive energy. I’m all about joy and satisfaction. I’m all about consideration and giggles. Anyone who knows me will easily let you know.

Sherri Shepherd takes a bath in Wendy Williams

Now, with just weeks to go before the new show airs, Sherri Shepherd threw shade at the often controversial Wendy and came out to the company expressing that she will be a much better and happier host. Something she focused on is that there will be no poking and she will undoubtedly be VIP cordial as she may want to bring in some shabby visitors like Oprah and Meryl Streep.

As a celebrity myself, I understand what it’s like when you don’t appear on the show with a solid sense of security, or when you trust the host that they’re not trying to make fun of you. It will be a VIP well equipped zone on Sherri added the host. Additionally, Sherri Shepherd revealed her dream guest for the show is Michelle Obama.

Shepherd added, “I couldn’t be more eager to join a class that has given us names like Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rolonda Watts, Montell Williams and Ricki Lake. I wish I had the effect those titans of speech did when Sherri made her live debut on September 12th.

Her show will be filmed in front of a live crowd at New York’s Chelsea Studios. “I put on a scrunchie to make sure I bring the best version of myself every time I step on stage. Making sure I can give individuals one hour of euphoria, giggles and motivation is the main thing I’m stressed about. “What’s more, I’m confident that I have an extraordinary group at Debmar-Mercury that helps me achieve this goal guaranteed by Sherri Shepherd in interaction every day.

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