Thierry Henry was shocked when Jamie Carragher called Rio Ferdinand a “clown”.


Jamie Carragher has hit out at Thierry Henry after he called Rio Ferdinand a “clown” for his judgment in a major incident at San Siro.

That momentous moment overturned the referee’s decision to award Inter Milan a penalty in the Champions League semi-finals.

The event at San Siro was a major talking point for pundits

AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer shot down former Arsenal and Manchester United target Lautaro Martinez in the penalty area, and the referee immediately pointed to the spot.

However, VAR told him to re-examine the incident and he changed his original stance.

THE CBS Sports Golazo The panel discussed the story and tried to convince Carragher to dig up some of his former teammates.

Host Keith Abdo said: “Many of us at the studio thought it was the right decision, and of course Jamie Carragher said it was the right decision and was very honest about it.”

CBS then showed a clip of Carragher in which he said: “Anyone who saw the replay and saw what the VAR was doing must be a clown to believe it was a penalty.”

Abdo: “You mean a clown, Jamie? This is controversial. Stevie Gerrard felt they were unlucky to have their penalty claims dismissed.

Thierry Henry was shocked when Jamie Carragher called Rio Ferdinand a
The CBS gang did their best to get Carragher to call his former co-star

Carragher then tried to defend his wife, saying: “He’s an attacking player. He had to touch it a little every now and then. Always contact and never go under water.

Micah Richards: “Are you calling your spouse a clown?”

“I understand where he’s coming from,” Carragher said. The players in my position – the defenders, the other English defenders commenting on the match… I understand that the strikers think it’s a penalty.

Thierry Henry was shocked when Jamie Carragher called Rio Ferdinand a
Henry was surprised that Carragher’s name had been removed from Ferdinand

“Stevie was an attacking player and probably felt there was some contact. As defenders, we must stand together.

“I felt that some people were deceived.”

Richards: “Name the names!”

Carragher: “Rio Ferdinand. I’m happy to call him a clown.

Arsenal legend Henry Carragher couldn’t believe he had dropped the name Ferdinand and his face was a picture.

Despite the penalty, Inter Milan took a 2-0 lead in the second leg and are still in a strong position in the tie.

In this match, they will be the designated home team against their rivals Milan.


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