TikTok Dr. Doe’s chemistry quiz: Challenge with anthropomorphic deer as teacher Explained


TikTok has a new challenge as Dr Doe’s chemistry quiz goes viral and features an anthropomorphic deer. However, this is not the first such quiz to go viral on TikTok. However, this quiz is a bit different and also makes a lot of users dislike it. Well, if you haven’t come across it yet. Then here’s what you should know.

Read ahead to learn more about Dr. Chemistry Quiz. Doe that went viral on TikTok.

TikTok is getting a new viral “Dr. Doe’s Chemistry Quiz” challenge

Previously, you could come across several types of quizzes in the application. Sometimes they are personality based quizzes and some of them are fun quizzes to try. This chemistry quiz Dr. However, Doe is a little different. Just like here in this quiz you will get chemistry questions asked in the quiz.

However, you will also see an anthropomorphic deer in this quiz. Which is the teacher in the quiz. Jelen thus continues to ask ten questions related to chemistry. Each time someone answers correctly, the deer takes off one of its clothes. Yet many of them are now protesting against it.

User reactions to the chemical quiz Dr. Doe

Although the questions to be answered in the quiz Dr. Doe, they are fun. However, the deer and its act of removing one piece of clothing for every correct answer is not a good response from users. Because people on TikTok object to it. Users believe that the quiz is promoting indecent content.

Some users have said that this quiz needs to be reported to remove such inappropriate content from it. Meanwhile, due to the fact that users in the young age group are more involved in this quiz, the inappropriate part of the quiz needs to be rejected or removed from the quiz.

How to report inappropriate content?

In case you find the content to be indecent or inappropriate in any way. You can then have the content reported to the appropriate authority. For which you will have to go and click on the right arrow of the video. Here you will have the option to “report”.

Tick ​​Tock
Credit: TikTok

Click on the same. Then you may need to select the reason you want to report. So select “Adult Nudity”. Then you can click submit. The content will thus be reported.

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