TikTok: ‘lesbian breakup curse’ Origin and Video Explained


TikTok is swirling viral trend “Lesbian Breakup Curse” that makes them worry about their relationship. Although you can have anything to occupy the minds of users when it is on TikTok. However, TikTok’s latest “Lesbian Breakup Curse” is something you really can’t miss. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet. Then here’s everything you need to know about it.

Read ahead to learn more about TikTok’s new “curse of the lesbian breakup” trend.

Tiktok found a new trend “lesbian breakup curse”

TikTok is a great app for connecting with each other through trends and daily challenges. Well, while couples love to create content in this app. Recently, the “curse of the lesbian breakup” has started to be feared. We definitely have creators and couples from all kinds of communities on it. What this new trend is talking about scares users of the LGBTQ community, especially lesbians.

As the name suggests, this trend scares queer couples out of their breakup. This trend has gone viral on the app and some users are busy figuring out the origin of this trend. Some lesbian couples have shared videos on social media publicizing their breakup on the app.

What Made ‘Lesbian Breakup Curse’ Go Viral on TikTok?

Social media couples like Sedona and Rylee, Alissa and Sam, Avery and Soph are getting everyone’s attention. They all recently broke up with their partners. A post that spreads this lesbian breakup curse trend on the app. But where did this trend come from?

According to some users, JoJo Siwa is behind this curse. As she once said she didn’t like the word “lesbian”. Still, some have attributed the curse to pop artist Fletcher when her new song “Becky’s so hot” included the name of her ex-girlfriend Shannon’s current partner.

@anxiosapphic just found our abt soph and avery #fyp #lgbtq #queer #lesbian #wlw #sapphic #wlwcouple #foryou ♬ mary on the cross – 𖤐

Users react to the ‘curse of the lesbian breakup’ on TikTok

The viral hashtag Becky’s so hot has been viewed 13 million times on TikTok so far. Meanwhile, the breakup of queer couples on social media has definitely made this curse of the lesbian breakup even more viral. Users trust this trend more and more.

@soso_swag could literally write a whole book about @fletcher and the implications of the lesbian curse #wlw #beckysohot #33333 ♬ original audio – Arnav😎😎

Don’t miss out, many users have even commented on the curse trend. As some of them said, this curse is contagious. While others have also added their breakup story to it.

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