TikTok: Lineman, Linewives And Bucket Bunnies Meaning and Drama Explained


TikTok has another viral trend with the words Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies. Well, if you are an active TikTok user, then you must have come across these words. While many of them are still looking forward to its importance. So what do the words that go viral on TikTok mean?

Read ahead to learn more about how Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies are going viral on TikTok.

TikTok finds Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies viral trend

TikTok is attracting a lot of attention for several trends in the app. Since some specific communities are also trending in the application. Well, post Hurricane Ian from Florida. We had news of lives being destroyed and much more that went viral.

@dimijimmy1 The linemen drama #lineman #florida #bucketbunny #fyp ♬ original sound – Dimitria

In between we had a lot of Lineman roles as they did their jobs fixing electrical wires and things like that to help everyone out as the hurricane left things broken and damaged. That’s why Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies went viral on TikTok.

What do Linemen, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies mean on TikTok?

Well, along with Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies trending on TikTok. We also have the meaning of the same trend. The word Lineman is familiar to most people because it is a man who repairs electrical wires and similar jobs. In addition, line wives represent the wives of linemen. However, aside from these two words, the viral word is Bucket Bunnies.

TikTok Bucket Bunnies

A meaning which, according to Urban Dictionary, means “a woman who jumps from electric lineman to linemen who want to s**t often regardless of whether the men are single or married.” The bucket on the other side represents the repairman’s workstation. Which resembles a bucket.

Why are Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies trending on TikTok?

The trend of Lineman, Linewives and Bucket Bunnies has recently taken off on TikTok. As linemen, they go far from home to repair power lines in Florida after Hurricane Ian. Some lineman profiles have appeared on TikTok.

@ohhmtee #linemen #linemenlife #EndlessJourney #hurricaneian #linemenwife #bucketbunny #linementok #hurricanetok #bluecollarboys #bluecollarlife #fyp ♬ original sound – Monarch Meagan

While many of the Linewives have also appeared on TikTok. Some users also commented on the videos, writing, “I stand with all the female linemen as they prepare for the Florida Bunnies. Blue collar is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.”

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