TikTok: Medusa tattoos Meaning Explained as viral ink trends on Social Media


TikTok has found a unique obsession with the Medusa tattoo, which is going viral on the app as users try to know its meaning. Well, TikTok happens to be a great platform that sometimes starts a campaign for good. So even with the viral Medusa tattoo. TikTok has found its new obsession and a campaign of sorts. But what does a Medusa tattoo mean?

Read ahead to learn more about the Medusa tattoo that went viral on TikTok.

TikTok is getting a new viral Medusa tattoo trend

TikTok is a hub for all kinds of trends. Sometimes they are simple trends, while sometimes it looks like something revolutionary. It’s the same with the new Medusa tattoo trends. This trend has also gone viral on TikTok and other social media accounts. More and more people are trying to find out the reason for this trend.

The trending hashtag has been viewed 105 million times so far. The trend of creating the Greek mythological character Medusa makes her very much loved by everyone. Although many of them know what the character is about and what it means. Some of them still struggle with its meaning.

Why is the Medusa tattoo trend going viral on TikTok?

The viral Medusa tattoo trend shows users tattooing Medusa on their bodies. However, for those who don’t know about Medusa, she was a female Greek mythological figure. Who, according to the Met Museum, stands as a symbol of protection from evil. Medusa’s appearance suggests this.

According to certain claims, Medusa was believed to be the victim of a direct attack. Therefore, her tattoo represents support and power for survivors of sexual assault today. It also means support against victim blaming and shaming.

User reaction to the Medusa tattoo trend on TikTok

The Medusa tattoo trend has become very popular with users. Meanwhile, Medusa’s tattoo actually looks like an evil woman whose hair has turned into poisonous snakes. Also behind this was the idea that evil repels evil. So TikTok has many videos with users showing off their Medusa tattoos.

Some of the users even shared their stories of some encounter with evil. Besides showing off their Medusa tattoos to ward off the evil. Of course, the tattoo trend has become more of a campaign against evil, whether in the form of any abuse or assault.

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