TikTok: Pink Sauce coming to stores as chef partners up with Dave’s Gourmet


Pink sauce is now finally finding its place in stores. We know that TikTok has been the center of several unique recipes that have gone viral. This sauce was all over social media after one of the chefs introduced it. But the coolest part comes when stores will soon have a sauce for everyone. So when can you have it?

Read ahead to learn more about how pink sauce will soon be hitting stores for everyone.

Chef Pii’s viral pink sauce

The pink sauce was the creation of a professional chef named Chef Pii. The chef’s clear sauce looked amazing and attracted everyone claiming that it tasted like no other sauce one had ever tried before. That’s why she tried to make him reach everyone.

Halfway through its success, however, the sauce faced some criticism. Some seemed concerned about some of its ingredients. While some believed it could probably cause a bad taste after shipping in hot weather. But now I feel like anyone interested in pink sauce can finally buy it.

The pink sauce will be in stores soon

Post all the obstacles to the popularity of pink sauce. Now Dave’s Gourmet, a Dallas-based hot sauce company, has made an announcement about the sauce. According to which Gourmet is now collaborating with Chef Pii on the sauce.

So everyone who had a problem with the delivery of the sauce will now get it in stores. Yes, the sauce will now be available in stores starting this fall. So that you can get to it easily.

What will be different about pink sauce in stores?

Despite Chef Pii’s popularity with her sauce. She faced criticism for some of the sauce’s ingredients. Thanks to this, it did not reach everyone in a big way. However, Dave came to help Chef Pia in this. To get a better version of the sauce in stock.

So a dairy-free version of the sauce would come out thanks to Dave’s and Chef Pii’s partnership. This would also have a safer version of the ingredients.

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