TikTok ‘Taste The Biscuit’ Trend Original Video Explored


TikTok has a new viral trend in the song “Taste the Cookie” which is gaining huge popularity on the app. Whether something is new or old, it can always find its popularity on TikTok. It is similar with the Taste the biscuit trend. If you haven’t come across it yet. Then here’s everything you need to know about it.

Read ahead to know more about the viral TikTok trend “Taste the cookie”.

TikTok’s new trend “Taste the cookie” has gone viral

We have seen numerous trends on TikTok that have gone viral after years of existence. Among them, we even had some songs from the distant past that resurfaced on TikTok and went viral as a trend. Yes, we recently had the viral song “Taste the Cookie” again on the app.

@treysif You’re family when you’re here. #tastethebiscuit #chromebiscuit #biscuit #chromelady #fyp ♬ Taste The Passive Aggressive Biscuit – Trevon’s window

Taste the biscuit is a song from the feature film called “Chickens In The Shadows”. A snippet of a movie song goes viral on the app. Which led to the emergence of a whole new trend in the application that everyone is going crazy about.

What is the ‘Taste the Cookie’ trend on TikTok?

Taste the cookie trend that went viral on TikTok is about a snippet of an original video that came out over a decade ago. It came on YouTube where the caption read: “Live from Los Banos, Toasters ‘N’ Moose are back to perform their hit song Taste the biscuit…”.

This video has been viewed millions of times. While so many people even commented the same. Next, don’t miss this viral song by Toasters N Moose. Who even had roles in the comedy mockumentary Chickens In The Shadows.

User reactions to the “Taste the cookie” trend.

TikTok users surely like to try a new trend every time. Actually this year old song by Chickens In The Shadows. They found an amazing trend to follow. Users sampled this song in their holiday video with their own captions.

Some of the users even tried the trend with a meme about the same trend. While others only jokingly commented on it. Users have certainly attracted a lot of attention for this TikTok trend as they have tried it in their own way.

@nadia_g99 you should definitely try this #tastethebiscuit #fyp #fupシ #tastethegoodnessofthebiscuit ♬ Taste The Passive Aggressive Biscuit – Trevon’s window

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