TikTok: Who Is ‘Y/N’? Viral Trend Meaning and Video Explored


TikTok has another trend on the app called the “Y/N” trend and it is going viral everywhere. While it is not new to find one trend or the other going viral on the app. However, some of the trends are making users curious, like this Y/N trend. Because they are trying to know more about this trend and know its meaning.

Read ahead to learn more about Y/N’s trend that went viral on TikTok.

TikTok finds another viral trend like the Y/N trend

TikTok has grown into a really popular app over the years. As more and more users joined the app. The trends and challenges in the app started to grow as a result of seeing so many trends in the app. Not only that, but the trends that became popular on the app weren’t just dance or lip sync trends. But even bugs and glitches have become popular.

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Something similar happened recently when Y/N trended on the app. While many videos fall under this trend. Some users were confused by this trend. While some started looking for the origin of the trend along with its meaning.

Who is Y/N on TikTok and what makes her popular?

In the Y/N viral trend on TikTok, we find videos with short clips of movies or celebrities with the abbreviation Y/N. While some made videos reacting to the movie using the phrase A/N. But in case you think Y/N is a person, it’s definitely not and the abbreviation stands for your name.

However, for anyone trying to figure out where this trend started, it is believed to be a phrase that is about 10 years old. It became popular on Twitter, Tumblr, Wattpad and more. The phrase just found its new craze again this year and its hashtag has been viewed more than 10 billion times.

User reaction to Y/N TikTok trend

Without a doubt, TikTok users are always excited to have one trend or the other to try out. So they found this Y/N trend to be good too. Although some of them were confused by the meaning of this trend. Some have made videos on the trending hashtag.

In fact, we had users on Twitter responding to this trend. Some had a hilarious reaction to the trend as they had to explain the meaning of the trend to their friends who didn’t know about the trend.

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