Timothée Chalamet Goes Full Wonka in Musical SNL Monologue

The second time proved to be the charm for Timothée Chalamet, whose second go at hosting SNL turned out to be a more fortuitous experience.

“It’s my second time hosting Saturday Night Live,” the Oscar nominee explained, “but in many ways it feels like my first time. Because the last time was during COVID, and that was just weird. I was wearing a mask all week—I don’t think Lorne Michaels knew who I was; he kept calling me ‘Winona.’ But I do feel lucky to be hosting after the SAG strike ended.”

Because up until just a couple days ago, the SAG-AFTRA strike would have meant that while Chalamet could still host SNL, he couldn’t make mention of any of his movie projects. “The only thing I was allowed to talk about is that I have a commercial coming out,” he explained. “It’s an ad for a Chanel perfume directed by Martin Scorsese. And let me tell you: When you get that call that Martin Scorsese wants to direct you, the first thing you think is: ‘Man, I really hope it’s a perfume commercial.’”

The end of the 118-day strike—one of the longest in Hollywood history—meant that Chalamet could talk about his upcoming film Wonka. Even better for viewers and fans of the actor: It meant that he could sing about it.

And he did so in a musical number set to the tune of “Pure Imagination,” which he switched out for “Shameless Self-Promotion.”

“It’s OK, I can say: that my new film Wonka is out in theaters December 15. Fandango.com keyword ‘Damn, Hugh Grant got that Oompa Loompa dump truck.”

“If you want to view a three-and-a-half movie, go see Flowers of the Killer Moon. Or just wait for part two of Dune,” Chalamet crooned. “Just make sure, before to use the bathroom.”

Eventually, cast member Marcello Hernandez interrupted Chalamet’s tribute to his craft to suggest that he knock off the old-timey music and bring a more modern vibe to the opening. They then broke into an R-rated ode to baby-faced men, which kicked off with a shout-out to Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars and included such lyrics as: “I’ve got the face of a youngin’ but the body of a dude. So hide your wife—hide your grandma, too.”

In the show’s final moments, Chalamet again expressed his excitement that the strike had concluded and his thanks to all those who stood strong.

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