Tony Parker was charged with a felony


Finals MVP in 2007 and European champion with the Blues in 2011, Tony Parker has been selected as a possible 2023 Hall of Fame inductee. He’s a four-time NBA champion with the Tottenham Hotspurs, and he might as well be an honorary Frenchman. After becoming the first to have his jersey retired by the franchise in November 2019. The former Parisian is an icon in San Antonio, just like his former friends Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

However, the Frenchman has come under fire from two former Texas teammates. Steven Jackson, who had rubbed shoulders with him earlier in his career and this was not his first attack on the Frenchman, was the hardest. » I know what kind of person Tony is. He’s a great player, he’s going to be in the Hall of Fame. But he is very selfish. If he had been less selfish, we would have been more famous and successful. 16-17, in France we put it at the top. He came to the NBA at 19, only to have a rude awakening.”that’s how he started on his podcast All smoke.

He is the most selfish player I have ever played with

“In the playoffs, he had to face guys like Stephon Marbury, Jason Kidd … He couldn’t beat them, so we had to play Speed ​​Claxton. So I know the real Tony. He can fool everyone but not me. “He’s the most selfish player I’ve ever played with.” he continued: “I don’t know how he has been able to work in the Spurs system for so long because it’s a system that wants everyone to shine. Manu Ginobili was completely different. He is one of the best teammates I know. »

That violent criticism came during a conversation with Dejounte Murray that began at the Spurs when Tony Parker spent his final years there. Now with the Hawks, the 26-year-old doesn’t have fond memories of his time in San Antonio. “I went through a lot of trouble there. I feel like they drafted me, but because I’m from the ghetto, they see a guy who smokes and drinks and hangs out with thirty-somethings. They were afraid that it would damage their reputation. I think that’s what they believed. But they never said that. They told me I could go to the gym 24 hours a day. So I practiced every day. I started making progress. I got a regular job in my second year.” before he replies to TP: “I took over for Tony there. Pop [Gregg Popovich] invited us to his office. He told Tony. And Tony didn’t like that. I know he didn’t like it, because if he had, he would have been the mentor I needed, he wouldn’t have gone to Charlotte. »


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