Trump could be indicted before the trial begins this summer


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) told “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Wednesday that former President Donald Trump will be indicted before the first Republican presidential debate begins later this summer.

HEWITT: Well, in terms of the fact that the president has been a prosecutor for so many years, knowing the president, not being on his legal team, but knowing his legal threat from the outside and knowing all the players, you can tell him that Georgia District Attorney Fulton or Jack Smith or New York District Attorney July – do you expect charges to be filed before the trial begins in August? Are you waiting to impeach the former president?

Christy: I think the most likely location would be in New York. I think it’s the least harmful thing for him. If they are indeed looking at the Stormy Daniels payments, I think Letitia James has made it clear that she is a political prosecutor and has promised what she wants to do and will choose during the campaign. Donald Trump is up. I think he can. But I don’t think it will hurt him much. So I think in terms of likelihood of indictment, I would put New York first, the special prosecutor second, and Georgia third. But in terms of the threat to the president, I would put the special counsel even higher.

HEWITT: Anyway, do you expect to be charged by July?

Christie: I expect New York to act. I don’t know if the Special Counsel will act then, but I think New York will.

HEWITT: Doesn’t someone run for office and debate and interview and make things worse during the impeachment?

CHRISTIE: No, I don’t think it’s possible that they’re not going to escalate the situation, but I will tell you, Hugh, given the limited nature of the New York case, I don’t know. If there are many questions about the status of Stormy Daniels. I think it looks like a very dry, dry situation to me. I don’t know if it will make things worse for him. But every time you open your mouth, as you know in this situation, you run the real risk of adding complications to a situation where you could lose your freedom. This is why defense attorneys are always right to tell their clients to keep their mouths shut, because there’s no need to make things difficult because your freedom is at stake.

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