Trump has promised safety checks for transgender “therapies.”


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has promised a federal investigation into the criminal dangers associated with the use of “transgender” drugs and hormones and common psychiatric medications.

“During my inauguration, I will ask the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to convene – and it will happen quickly – an independent external panel to examine whether hormone therapy and transgender ideology increase the risk of extreme depression, aggression and even violence. Trump said at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention.

The comments came as Democrats mobilized their urban base after blaming the shootings of three adults and three children in Nashville.

Democrats are using the question for political purposes, even though the shooter was a young woman with mental health issues and self-proclaimed “transgender” identity.

Democratic officials are now covering up the woman’s “manifesto” that tried to explain why she attacked the school she attended as a teenager. Her attack was one of many people who took drugs and underwent sex reassignment surgery.

Trump continued:

I think most of us know the answer, don’t we? In addition, we need to examine whether common psychiatric drugs, as well as genetically modified cannabis and other drugs, cause psychotic attacks.

Many problems. We have problems like never before and people think they understand why.

We also need to be much better at spotting the warning signs of vicious, troubled youth like the man who killed his colleagues in Louisville. We cannot rest until we shed light on all the ills in our country.

I will fight to restore our security, but I will also fight to restore our freedom. Freedom will be established in our country. We will walk down the street, buy a loaf of bread and return without being shot.

Democrats are challenging the transgender issue because it is an emotional new pro-equality cause for their urban progressive base, as well as a new opportunity for the government to expand its power over the civil lives of Americans. .

The media follows the Democrats’ script. For example, the title of a HuffPost article on Trump’s speech reads, “Trump takes aim at transgender health care in NRA speech.”

But polls show that most Americans, especially the GOP base in major cities, strongly oppose it.

Breitbart News reported on April 14:

A majority of Americans told pollsters they oppose transgender “women” competing with real women (55%), with 60% agreeing and 53% disapproving of children telling parents they want to use “pronouns” in school. allowing children to be exposed to life-changing transgender therapies such as puberty blockers.

Until 2020, most GOP politicians ignored Democrats’ transgender advocacy.

But starting in 2020, GOP politicians and their donors will compete for policy answers.

For example, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called for an end to transgender teacher advocacy in elementary and middle schools. DeSantis also tries to protect women’s sports. “It’s not right for a swimmer to compete on the men’s swimming team for three years, move to the women’s team, and then win the women’s national championship,” DeSantis recently told an audience at Liberty University in Virginia. “This is a scam. It’s fake.”

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