Trump Shares Confusing Praise for DOJ’s Request to Deny His Request for Immunity


Former President Donald Trump’s office offered surprising praise for a Department of Justice (DOJ) briefing that rejected Trump’s claims of presidential immunity for his actions on Jan. 6.

Trump shared with Truth Social on Thursday that the DOJ had suggested that it would “agree” with his request for “absolute immunity” for his activities on the day his supporters attacked the US Capitol.

The statement against the former president’s “spokesman” accuses a “witch hunt” and suggests that President Joe Biden will be “personally liable” for multiple wrongdoings if the DOJ disagrees with Trump.

“The Department of Justice has correctly recognized that presidential immunity is broad and absolute,” the statement said. “If not, Joe Biden would be personally responsible for the disasters in Afghanistan, our southern border, the record high levels of drug use that have caused the mass destruction of families and lives, and many other horrific crises of his own making.”

“Furthermore, other presidents in history have been held responsible for disasters they may not have been responsible for,” he continued. “All witches and shams must be stopped!”

Former President Donald Trump is pictured during his visit to East Palestine, Ohio, on February 22, 2023. Trump’s press secretary on Thursday grudgingly praised the Justice Department’s brief for rejecting the former president’s claims of “absolute immunity.” For his actions during the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

In fact, a DOJ brief filed Thursday in the civil case related to the attack on the Capitol advocates rejecting Trump’s request. He argues that the Supreme Court’s decision to impose “absolute immunity” on presidents when performing “official acts” is “not a rule of absolute immunity for the president, regardless of the nature of his actions.”

“Because actual provocation, even in the context of speech on matters of public interest, is not protected by absolute immunity, this court should categorically reject President Trump’s argument,” the brief said. . “No part of the president’s official duties includes inciting imminent personal violence.”

Because the DOJ affidavit is part of the civil filing, it represents the Biden administration’s view of Trump’s potential civil liabilities. It is not related to the Jan. 6 investigation by special counsel Jack Smith that could lead to criminal charges against the former president and others.

Although the DOJ has emphasized the narrow scope of its opinion, some legal experts have suggested that the brief could portend a difficult future for Trump in both civil and criminal courts.

“The most important thing is the potential criminal charges,” said Norm Eisen, a lawyer and attorney. said Speaking on CNN Thursday. “This is basically a sign that the Justice Department’s coup is beyond the furthest legal bounds of the president’s … duties.”

“If he’s indicted, it’s a bad sign for (Trump),” he added.

A statement from Trump’s press secretary echoed the former president’s claim that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had “rejected” the former president’s request for the National Guard to “provide peace and security” for the Jan. 6 demonstration.

However, according to PolitiFact, there is no evidence that the former president requested the troops, and Pelosi rejected the alleged request.

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