Turkey earthquake: Dog rescued alive after 3 weeks Death toll in Turkey and Syria exceeds 50,000.


Istanbul – Rescuers pulled a dog alive from a collapsed building in southern Turkey three weeks after last month’s 7.8-magnitude death toll. earthquakeAccording to local media on Thursday, the death toll from the natural disaster exceeded 50,000. On Wednesday, teams from a local municipality in central Turkey rescued Alex’s dog and brought it to the Turkish Animal Protection Association of Haitap in Antakya.

A video from the DHA news agency shows rescuers reaching between two large concrete slabs and calling for the trapped dog.

On the 22nd day of the Hatay earthquake, a dog was rescued alive from the rubble
A rescuer holds a dog named ‘Alex’ as he recovers after being rescued from the rubble 22 days after a powerful earthquake hit Antakya, southern Turkey on February 28, 2023.

Gokhan Balzhi/Anadolu Agency/Getty

“Is he coming?” a rescuer was heard crouching in a small depression in the ruins of a collapsed building.

“Alex, come, dear,” shouts the rescue dog. “Well done son.”

Footage later showed rescuers hugging and offering water to the dog, who appeared alert and healthy.

“Every living thing is important to us, human or animal,” said a resident of the private agency DHA after the miraculous rescue.

Rescuers saved hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits and birds that were left unattended by residents of Antakya, one of the cities devastated by the natural disaster.

On the 22nd day of the Hatay earthquake, a dog was rescued alive from the rubble
A dog named “Alex” is recovering after being rescued 22 days after he was trapped under the rubble of a powerful earthquake in southern Turkey on February 29, 2023.

Gokhan Balzhi/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Haitap rescued dogs, rabbits, cows and even birds from the rubble of Antakya by crying calls from homeowners or neighbors.

In the tent of the association, veterinarians treat and care for injured animals.

The animal rescues are a salve for a country reeling from the worst natural disaster in Turkey’s post-Ottoman history.

Turkish officials recorded a second 7.5-magnitude earthquake just nine hours later that killed more than 45,000 people in Turkey alone. Nearly 6,000 people have been confirmed dead along the border in northern Syria, according to aid workers in the government- and rebel-held northern region.

A baby orphaned under the rubble of an earthquake in Syria was adopted by his brother who rescued him


The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll this week reached 7,000, citing a network of sources on the rebel side of the civil war, but official agencies did not update their figures for several days.

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