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Elon Musk’s platform is once again joining other social media giants in allowing political content in ads

Twitter is set to ease its ban on political advertising, saying the policy change will take effect in the coming weeks. The announcement follows reports of advertisers pulling out of the website after Musk took over billions of dollars last year.

The platform’s Safety Twitter account announced the decision on Tuesday, noting that it would be coming soon “aligning our advertising policies with television and other media” related to political material.

“Today, we’re relaxing our ad policy for cause-based ads in the United States. We also plan to expand the amount of political advertising allowed in the coming weeks,” he said. he is saidturn on “We believe cause-based advertising makes it easier to talk about important topics with the public.”

Twitter initially banned some types of political advertising in 2019 — before Musk bought the company last October — breaking ranks with other big sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. At that time, Twitter believed that political influence should not be bought, but should be achieved through genuine public interest. However, as the site’s new owner, Musk has promised to make Twitter a haven for free speech, pushing for less content restrictions and making a number of policy changes.

The decision to continue with political ads may be part of an effort to generate new business, as Twitter has lost nearly half of its top 100 advertisers and several smaller ones since Musk took over. It’s unclear whether those companies will return, as a number of companies have said they will temporarily suspend ads, some citing concerns about the rise of hate speech on the platform under Musk’s leadership.

While the exact details of the upcoming rule change are unknown, Twitter has announced it “Make sure our approach to content review and approval puts people first” ahead of any changes, it adds, adding that it will reveal more about the move in the coming weeks.

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