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Twitter’s fact-checking program Community Notes is now open to contributors in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Twitter said it was growing its contributor base by 10% per week by adding new people to the program over the weekend. The social networking company has promised to connect people from other countries as well.

Community posts are designed to allow users to add more context to their tweets through links and reports. The program is widely used to refute or correct statements in popular tweets.

Twitter introduced Birdwatch, a social fact-checking program, in the United States last year. In September, Twitter began adding more contributors ahead of the US midterm elections. A month later, it made posts contributed by contributors visible to all users in the US.

After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he changed the name of “Birdwatch” to “Public Notes”, despite the previous head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. to think it’s “the most boring Facebook name ever.” Musk believed in the project “A Game Changer for Better Accuracy in Tweeting.”

In December, the social network said it would make community rankings visible to people around the world. However, contributions come from users located in the United States. With the latest announcement, the company will change that. If someone wants to join the program, Twitter requires that they have a verified phone number and a six-month account.

However, one requirement that puts people off is “reliable network provider”. Many complained that their network was not valid and that Twitter did not have a list of reliable operators. The company may be filtering operators that facilitate spam accounts with SMS authentication. But in this case, it should be transparent about the process and work with network providers to prevent spam.

Last week, it began posting these posts under quoted tweets on its iOS app and on the web.

Over the past few months, Twitter has made several changes to its Community Ratings algorithm, including changing the visibility of low-quality ratings type of notes for depositorsand stabilizer contribution impact score.

Since Musk took over, Twitter has cut thousands of full-time and contract jobs, including people working on trust, security and content moderation. This has affected the social network’s ability to filter harmful content and, in turn, keep high-spending advertisers on the platform. So it’s no surprise to see a company pushing a fact-checking program to users.

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