Twitter is relaxing its ad policy to allow political and cause-based ads


(RTTNews) – Twitter is relaxing its advertising policy to allow political and cause-based advertising in the US. The changes come as Elon Musk looks for other ways to cut costs and boost revenue as the billionaire struggles to keep the social media platform afloat following a buyout.

The move is a reversal of Twitter’s longstanding policy of not allowing paid political advertising, advocated by then-CEO Jack Dorsey. Additionally, cause-based ads are limited on Twitter and allowed based on certain criteria.

The changes will allow political candidates to promote themselves in upcoming elections and advocacy groups to support their interests on a platform that reaches millions of people.

Twitter Safety tweeted: “We believe cause-based advertising makes it easier to talk about important topics with the public. Today, we’re relaxing our advertising policy for cause-based ads in the United States. We also plan to expand the amount of political advertising we allow in the coming weeks.”

In a second tweet, the company said it will align its advertising policies with television and other media in the future.

Nationally, television advertising is subject to the Federal Communications Commission, which does not censor any advertising, political or otherwise.

“As with all policy changes, we’re first making sure that our approach to reviewing and approving content protects people on Twitter.” he tweeted.

Twitter will share more details as they work.

Dorsey banned political ads in 2019, saying political messages should be earned, not bought.

The policy change comes as major advertisers ditched Twitter after Musk bought it for $44 billion in October. The platform is almost entirely ad-powered,

After completing the acquisition, Twitter’s new owner continued to manage management, operations, and activities, including firing key executives, changing policies, and banning objectionable accounts.

Musk fired CEO Parag Agrawal and chief financial officer Ned Segal, along with other key executives, and also laid off most of his employees and many contractors. Twitter, which had about 7,500 employees at the beginning of 2022, will now have about 2,000.

Concerned about the ongoing issues, various companies have suspended or paused their Twitter ad campaigns to await instructions from the new owner. General Motors Co., Volkswagen and General Mills are among those that have stopped their campaigns.

In addition, Twitter was recently sued for non-payment of rent for its San Francisco offices, as well as for refusing to pay for two charter flights.

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