Two strangers saved the life of a Yankees Trail bus driver


On May 6, after picking up her son from Siena University near Albany, New York, Rene Armao and her son noticed the Yankees bus making left and right turns on the road.

Experienced driver Mike Koch trained the bus driver when he arrived for medical attention.

“He noticed her talking and passed out while driving,” Erin Duckett of Yankee Trails told WNYT. “So he immediately got up and took control of the bus, applied the emergency brake and was able to get the bus safely to the side of the road.”

Armao did just that when the bus pulled up to the side of the road reported News Channel 13. On the eve of graduating as a nurse, Armao took action. Armao finds help from fellow passenger Prince Asante – a senior medical graduate who dreams of becoming a surgeon.

“When we worked together I felt like I had a connection with Prince and I wanted to encourage him in any way I could. It would be great to see him again in a less stressful situation,” said Rene Armao.

Asante described that the driver had no pulse, which led the couple to immediately perform CPR.

“He is obviously unconscious. At that time, his level of consciousness was very low. He didn’t answer when I spoke to him. I checked his pulse and he’s not there and he’s not breathing,” Armao said.

The driver is now in hospital, and Koch went to Asante’s hostel to thank him.


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