TXT’s Taehyun Reacts To Palestinian Fan’s Final Post About Him Just Before Her Death

TXT’s Taehyun has responded to a Palestinian fan’s heartfelt letter expressing her love and admiration for him just before she passed away.

On Sunday, a MOA posted via Weverse a message for Taehyun from an “angel friend from Palestine” named Tia.

“Everyone! I really hope you’re able to read this message written by our angel friend from Palestine. Tia really loved Taehyun a lot so I’m delivering this message for her,” the fan wrote, according to a translation by Koreaboo.

In her letter, which was originally written in Arabic and was translated into Korean, Tia opened up about how she became a fan of Taehyun and how the 21-year-old singer inspired her.

The post caught the attention of Taehyun’s TXT bandmate Yeonjun, who left a comment on the post saying that his co-star needed to read it.

“Taehyun, you should see this,” Yeonjun commented.

The fan’s words apparently reached her idol as Taehyun cheered — a way of “liking” a post on Weverse — the original post as well as several others that also shared Tia’s letter.

“Taehyun is seeing the [W]everse posts celebrating [T]ia’s life and sharing her letter,” one fan tweeted.

TXT fan @beargyuxth translated the original post to English and shared Tia’s message about Taehyun on X, formerly Twitter.

“If I were to give [a] reason that made me love him, I couldn’t find any direct answer. But now I know that I am in love with him because of his personality, his voice, his amazing features. All I knew was this person had become an essential part of my life and my little heart. Because of him, I began to think to myself that I deserve to be the best. His words always encourage,” Tia’s letter read.

“He said, ‘You were born into this world and each of you are precious. Your happiness comes first.’ His words changed me, radically changed my life and transformed me from a person into a soul,” the message continued.

Tia’s words touched the hearts of other MOAs, with many saying they cried after reading her letter.

“I was sobbing while reading her words, it’s so full of love not even English do (sic) it justice,” one fan tweeted.

“I’m crying…. Tia, I hope you’re in a better place with your family. You deserved more than this, but I’m glad that you could know Taehyun and TXT, now you are their angel. I promise you that you will always be remembered,” another wrote.

“Rest in peace, little princess.”

Meanwhile, tweets from user @TxTcakeie shared details about the fate of Tia and her family.

The tweets alleged that Tia and several of her family members died after a missile struck the house where they were staying, according to a translation provided by @beargyuxth.

Thousands of Palestinians have been killed since Israel began air strikes on Gaza in response to the Oct. 7 attacks when Hamas killed 1,400 people in Israel, Reuters reported. The latest estimate from Gaza health authorities put the number of Palestinians killed at above 8,300.

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