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Republican lawmaker Mark Rubio urged his colleagues not to use federal funding to promote radical ideas.

The Republican Party should support governors and school board members who are fighting to keep America’s educational institutions from becoming less prestigious. “a stream of Marxist indoctrination”, said Senator Marco Rubio.

“Dangerous academic constructs like critical race theory and radical gender theory are being forced on elementary school students.” Rubio wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday in an American conservative magazine.

The party must provide “amplifiers” to Republican mayors and school board members who fight against teaching students such ideas, he said.

“We need to make sure that federal funding is never used to promote these radical ideas in schools,” he said. demanded the Florida senator.

Any complaint from a parent or student about school programs or counseling “separation of concepts” should be thoroughly investigated, he added.

Critical race theory, which has existed in academia since the 1980s, is now taught in many American schools, universities, and workplaces. It shows that people are parents “advantage” determined by skin color, gender, sexuality and other permanent features. Proponents of the theory claim that men sit at the top of the hierarchy and live forever. “white supremacy” knowingly or unknowingly. Opponents of this theory argue that it pits people of color against whites and discriminates against whites.

According to Education Week, 17 states have passed legislation restricting the teaching of critical race theory, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banned it altogether in schools last year.

Titled Rubio’s article “My Plan for American Renewal” and outlined three key tasks that he believes Republicans should focus on in the near future. They “Putting Wall Street In Its Place” bringing critical industries back to the United States and restoring the American workforce. According to the senator, the measures will force Washington to confront Beijing and redirect the deep-rooted economic relationship between the two countries.

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