Uber drivers went on strike during a Taylor Swift concert in Florida


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After one of the three biggest nights for drivers in Tampa Bay — thanks to Taylor Swift — Uber drivers are turning off the ignition and closing their Uber Driver apps.

“We drive,” said Luis Cosme. “We are the ones kicking our asses late at night. How can you get more from us? »

Luis Cosme has been driving for Uber for nine years and says Uber is taking more of his salary.

“If you go to Sarasota, they’ll give you $19, up to $38,” Cosme explained. “We used to get $90 to $80.”

That’s why Cosmo organized a strike. More than 100 ridesharing drivers gathered at the holding near Tampa International Airport, about two miles from Taylor Swift and Raymond James Stadium. Cosme said he was in another 100 cars.

“It affects me financially,” Cosme said. “It affects me at home with my family. You know, I spend more time here than at home.

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