Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 18th August 2022 Written Update Tejo Humiliates Jasmine


Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 18th August 2022 Written Update Tejo humiliates Jasmine, #Udaariyaan #Today’s #Episode #18. August #Written #Update #Tejo #Humiliates #Jasmine Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Hello all the daily soap lovers, finally your favorite TV drama ‘Udaariyaan’ is set to watch ’18. August 2022″ felt over the top as Tejo is set to reveal Jasmine’s true side at the time of the reveal. true that she is not pregnant now because she recently miscarried. But Jasmine tries her best to hide the truth because once it comes out, the whole game will come crashing down and she doesn’t want that. As Fateh is only connected to her because of her child and therefore once he learns about her abortion, he leaves her again.

After a while, Tejo goes to feed Jasmína with milk, because there is no one there except the two of them, so he will have to take care of her. But when she enters her room, she is shocked to see the circumstances because he is not there. So he calls her and Jasmine replies that she is in the bathroom so she can put the glass of milk on the table and leave the room. Meanwhile, Tejo sees the pillow that Jasmine ties to the courtyard and becomes suspicious of her.

She then pretends to leave the room and tries to make sense of everything while finding other things, except the pillow, because finding something like that in a pregnant woman’s room is strange. Because the pillow is not related to sleepy because it is hard enough or round like a stomach. That’s why he decides to keep his eyes on her until something comes out, because somewhere Jasmine is hiding something and that’s why, he says that as long as he finds something about Jasmine, he won’t take his eyes off her no matter what. happens.

Meanwhile, when Tejo hears the sound of Jasmine’s arrival, he comes out of the room and looks at her while hiding behind the door and sees that Jasmine doesn’t have a bulge as her stomach is normal like a non-pregnant woman. He then walks in and catches Jasmína in the act and begins humiliating her for such acts as well. At the time mentions that she has no right to play with her family’s emotions and says that now her game is over. So don’t miss streaming the show on Colors at the right time and stay tuned with us for more details.


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