Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 5th September 2022 Jasmine Inflames Rehmat Against Tejo


Udaariyaan Today Episode 5th September 2022 Jasmine sets Rehmat on fire against Tejo, #Udaariyaan #Today #Episode #5. #September #Jasmine #Inflames #Rehmat #Tejo Welcome to BLOG 50MIND SHere’s the latest broadcast news and trends we’ve got for you today: :

Hello all daily soap lovers, finally your favorite and highly awaited TV drama ‘Udaariyaan’ has its episode ‘5. September 2022″ another electrifying and shocking activity. As Jasmine incites Rehmat against her current parents Tejo and Fateh, she asks her if she knows anything about her past and reality. But initially, Rehmat doesn’t consider her because Jasmine is now a stranger to her, so he chooses to ignore her. But Jasmine is not a weak player, as her conspiracies always show perfectly, which is why she has now planted a seed of doubt in Tehmat’s heart.


She suggests to Rehmat that she should ask Tej and Fateh at least once about her original parents who gave birth to her in this world. Rehmat manipulates her and thinks that maybe Jasmine is right because Tejo and Fateh never told her before about the circumstances of her birth. This is because until she gets to her abode, these things are on her mind. Because Jasmine threw it with a confidence that spoke volumes.

After a while when Rehmat reaches home she asks everyone to gather as she wants to talk to them and also calls Fateh to come soon. When they all come into the living room, Rehmat throws her interrogation dart and asks them about her birth parents. Tejo and Fateh are shocked to hear all this as they wanted to hide the truth of her birth behind the curtains but someone is trying to put them off in a way but Rupi understands that behind all this is the involvement of her mind with negative thoughts.

Meanwhile, Tejo makes Rehmat understand that they are her original parents and therefore she does not have to follow any false narratives given to her by outsiders. Even Fateh agrees with Tejo and asks Rehmat to forget all these negative thoughts as it would be inappropriate for her to continue on all of them. But Rupi decides that he won’t forgive Jasmine now because she is trying to break his family and that’s why he goes to talk to her. So don’t miss watching the show on Colors at the right time and stay tuned with us for more details.


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