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To ensure “safety”, teenagers are prohibited from hugging and holding hands, the school authorities say

This week, two UK schools announced they would ban all forms of physical contact between pupils – banned “holding hands”, “hugging”, and the formation of romantic relationships. Parents complained to the local media, but one school proved it “anything is possible” if children are allowed to socialize normally.

Hiland School in Chelmsford and Southchurch High School in Southend made the announcement this week.

In a letter to parents, Hylands deputy principal Catherine McMillan said her school would no longer exist. “tolerate any physical contact in our community,” EssexLive reported on Tuesday.

This includes “any aggressive physical contact, hugging, holding hands, hitting someone, etc.” McMillan continued. “This is for your child’s safety. Anything can happen if your child touches someone else, whether they agree or not. It could cause injury, make someone sick or touch someone inappropriately.”

This was explained by the general manager “Romantic Relationship” Hyland School will be banned and any violation of the new rules will result “loss of benefits” for the hurt child.

Southchurch Deputy Principal Ms Murray said this in a letter to parents “Students are not allowed to touch each other while on site” the BBC reported. A school spokesman said the ban was encouraging “Students should always behave politely and respectfully. »

Speaking to EssexLive, Hyland parents described the policy “draconian”.

“I have a daughter who greets her friends with hugs, but if they do it now, they [face being] solitary confinement said the parents. “There was a lot of protest from other parents. After a pandemic where everyone has lost human contact, you’re putting everything back together. It doesn’t help students’ mental health either. »

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