US intelligence says it is “highly unlikely” that a foreign adversary caused Havana syndrome.


Nick Shifrin:

Intelligence officials who spoke to me and a dozen reporters today, one official said, are opposed to foreign interference.

This official said that when the US began reporting the signals from Havana, adversaries, including China and Russia, expressed some confusion. Many thought it was a plot to blame them for something American. The official went on to say that there is no evidence that Ukrainians or any partner country has been subjected to a systematic attack or that an adversary is using this type of attack. stood behind everything.

As for the weapon, previous assessments reviewed by the intelligence community indicated that directed energy could produce these symptoms. An intelligence officer told us – and I quote – “They’ve all been taken.” According to this official, there is no evidence that the adversary has overcome some difficulties to create some kind of microwave oven, for example, this official had to go through concrete or target some of these victims.

But I just spoke with David Relman, the head of the intelligence community think tank, and he disagreed. He said the panel concluded that the device was portable, potentially stealthy and that multiple mechanisms were used.

And he said: Look, the United States doesn’t know enough about directed energy to know whether or not it can be used in this situation.


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