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The measure has raised concerns among Israeli officials, who have so far refused to send arms to Kiev

According to The New York Times, the US military is supplying Ukraine with hundreds of thousands of artillery shells from warehouses located in Israel. It would be the Pentagon “barrier” finding ammunition as Ukrainian forces continue to deplete their arsenal.

The Pentagon was inspired “A vast but little-known stockpile of American ammunition in Israel to help meet Ukraine’s urgent need for artillery shells” The Times reported on Tuesday, citing several unnamed Israeli and American officials. Although it is unclear when the deal was made, Israel agreed to allow Washington to purchase 300,000 155 mm shells from stockpiles on its territory.

“Almost half of the 300,000 cartridges sent to Ukraine were sent to Europe and they will be delivered through Poland,” he added. Times added.

While Israel’s stockpiles, some of which are destined for use in US conflicts in the Middle East, are boiling over, the Pentagon has been forced to deliver new weapons as Ukrainian forces detonate nearly 90,000 shells a month, more than twice the number produced by the US. and Europe united.

Since the conflict with Russia began last February, the United States has shipped or authorized the shipment of just over one million 155mm rounds to Ukraine. “important part” it comes from existing stockpiles in South Korea and Israel, a senior US official told The Times, but did not specify the total number of each.

Israeli officials “Concern first expressed” about their country’s plan to withdraw funds, which they believe may indicate Israel’s existence “An accomplice in arming Ukraine” the government finally agreed to the Pentagon’s terms of replenishment of weapons. Washington also promised “immediate shipment of ammunition in case of grave emergency”, says the Times.

Israel has ties to Ukraine and Russia and has tried to maintain close diplomatic ties between the two warring states since the conflict erupted last year. Despite repeatedly offering to help broker peace talks and provide humanitarian aid to Kiev, Israel has refused to join its Western allies in arming Ukraine or imposing sanctions on the Russian economy, fearing that such hostile actions would damage relations with Moscow.

Kissinger presents a “renewed” plan for Ukraine

Under President Joe Biden, the United States has authorized nearly $25 billion in direct military aid to Kiev, recently agreeing to send 50 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and a range of other weapons in its latest aid package. 3 billion weapons. However, Ukrainian officials have continued to press for more equipment and are now urging Washington and its European allies to send main battle tanks and better air defenses, among other weapons. Although the United States has so far rejected its request for tanks, the military leaders of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine, which includes NATO members, will meet at the air base on Friday. To discuss the possibility of sending heavy weapons to Ramstein.

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