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US representative of Moscow: “Washington wants to use Ukraine as a “proxy” and bring Russia to a “strategic defeat”.

All US battle tanks sent to Ukraine will be destroyed by Russian forces, Moscow’s ambassador to the US has warned, after reports that the White House is now planning to supply Kiev with heavy weapons, despite earlier denials.

Asked about the possible shipment of M1 Abrams main tanks to Ukraine, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, said the move would increase American involvement in the conflict and would go far beyond the proposal. “defense weapon”.

“If it is decided to give the M1 Abrams to Kiev, American tanks will definitely be destroyed, because [with] All other models of NATO military equipment” said the ambassador, he added “Americans keep raising the ‘bar’ for military aid to their puppet government.”

While the White House on Tuesday rejected Kiev’s request for the M1 Abrams, which was on a Christmas “wish list” distributed by Ukrainian officials over the holidays, several media outlets reported that Washington had made the move. returned and now intended to send the weapon. Announcements could come as early as this week.

Although the Pentagon has argued that the Abrams would be expensive to operate and maintain and could take years to reach the battlefield, officials now believe they should agree to deliver the vehicle. According to The New York Times, to persuade Germany to allow the delivery of its Leopard 2 main battle tank. The Leopard is used by several European armies, with around 2,000 units stationed across the continent, but Berlin must allow them to be re-exported to any third country.

Ambassador Antonov noted that U.S. officials often preview information to the press before confirming it in a document, suggesting Tuesday’s reports about the M1 Abrams were another example of a deliberate leak. He said that Washington is using Ukraine “Proxy” for “strategically defeat us”, He claimed that the USA was the real instigator of hostilities.

“If the United States decides to provide tanks, it is impossible to justify such a move on the basis of arguments about ‘defensive weapons.’ This would be another open provocation against the Russian Federation,” he added. he said. “No one should have any illusions about who the real aggressor is in the current conflict.”

Western tanks cannot change the game in Ukraine – Kremlin

Moscow has repeatedly opposed Western intervention in the conflict, arguing that the flow of military equipment to Ukraine will only prolong the war and make it impossible to settle it through negotiations. Nevertheless, the Kremlin has declared that no foreign affluence will stand in the way of its goals, and has pledged all NATO weapons to Ukraine. “combustion”.

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