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Officers responded to a vehicle that had broken into the entrance to the city

Vatican police opened fire on a vehicle entering the city-state as it sped past the front gate on Thursday evening. The driver was detained near the Palace of the Apostles, where Pope Francis holds official meetings.

According to the Vatican press service, the driver first tried to enter the city-state in the heart of Rome through the Santa Anna Gate, but was refused by the Swiss Guard because he did not have a permit. “proper permission”.

Then the man maneuvered his car and passed two checkpoints. Police responded by quickly closing the entrance to St. Peter’s Cathedral.

The police officer opened fire on the car and tried to hit its front wheels, but the car did not stop until it reached the courtyard of the Palace of the Apostles. “The driver left the car on his own and was caught and arrested,” he added. officials said. Vatican doctors examined a 40-year-old man and found out that he was inside “Severe case of psychophysical disorder”.

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The Vatican is protected by a small group of Swiss Guards and the Gendarmerie Corps, who are also responsible for the security of the Pope.

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