Victims of sexual assault know the truth. George Pell allowed Chrissy Foster’s life to be destroyed to protect himself and the Catholic Church


JBeing a victim of sexual abuse by Catholic priests is knowing the truth – the truth of your own experience. This truth, long suppressed by the victim, the perpetrator, and the organization, keeps the crime of pedophilia alive. Children are easily bullied and silenced. Pedophilic crimes flourished among the Catholic clergy.

The suppression of the truth stems from Canon Law 489 of the Church, which directs every bishop and archbishop of a diocese to maintain and maintain a secret archive of criminal cases of the religious authority. This means that everyone from the Pope to the Bishop of your local diocese keeps such files. Canonical laws must be observed by the clergy.

When the offender is transferred to a new parish and new crimes are committed against other children, the bishop or archbishop, who knew about the previous crimes but transferred them anyway instead of reporting them to the police, becomes responsible for these new sexual assaults. There is no showing a hierarchy through another hierarchy because they are all broken.

When it comes to child sexual abuse, Cardinal Pell’s own words leave him alone. Asked by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to the Child Sexual Abuse Hearing in Rome whether he knew that Gerald Ridsdale’s crimes against children were often known in the parish, Pell said he did not. He then added: “It’s a sad story, I wasn’t interested in it.

Another response from Pell in Rome involved a complaint from a student that Edward Dowlan had sexually assaulted young children at the school. When the commission asked Pell if he had shared the allegations with school officials, Pell said he had not. Pell agreed that more had to be done “…with 40 years of experience”. Commission: “Wasn’t that a big deal then?” he asked. “. Pell replied, “Yes, but people had a different perspective back then. There is no detail about the activity, how important it is, and the boy did not demand anything from me about it, but pointed it out sadly.

Before people talk about the greatness and sanctity of Cardinal Pell, they should read the raw parts of the Royal Commission’s 2000 Child Abuse Final Report. 28 (Diocese of Baldarath) and 35 (Archdiocese of Melbourne), withheld from publication to allow Cardinal Pell a fair trial.

In short, Pell was protecting his interests and his church’s finances. He allowed children to suffer. It destroyed life.

Chrissy Foster A.M. – Author of Hell on the Road to Heaven with Paul Kennedy and A Mother’s Struggle to Sue the Catholic Church with Paul Kennedy: The Standing Mother, due May 2, 2023.

Australia’s Lifeline crisis hotline is 13 11 14. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual violence, family or domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit In an emergency, call 000. International hotlines are available at

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