Video: Florida Deputy Pulls A Gun On A Pregnant Woman Before Resigning From Duties


In a new development in Florida, a sheriff’s deputy has resigned after body camera footage captured him threatening a pregnant woman with a gun during a traffic stop. After seeing video of the occasion that went viral via social media platforms, the Sheriff’s Department investigated Jason DeSue’s bodycam footage and determined that he violated department guidelines. He later resigned from the sheriff’s office after the incident. On Friday, August 19 at 12:00 p.m., pregnant Ebony Washington and her three children were pulled over for speeding.

According to reports, they were en route to Jacksonville from Gainesville. She was allegedly going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Bradford County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason DeSue. In any case, Washington activated his emergency lights and headed onward to find a spot clear enough to avoid being shut down immediately. A Bradford County, Fla., deputy has left his post with the sheriff’s office after serving in law enforcement for two years. His leadership, including a recent traffic stop where he held a mother at gunpoint in front of her children, was so deplorable that the organization quickly announced it was moving away from the previous representative.

Florida lawmaker allegedly pulls gun on pregnant woman

A Florida lawmaker has resigned after he was seen on video threatening a pregnant mother with a gun during a traffic stop. Ebony Washington, who is four months pregnant, admitted she was driving about 75 mph in a 55 mph zone with three other children in the vehicle as they returned to Jacksonville from Gainesville on Friday when she saw the lights and sirens. Rearview Mirror. The lady says she preferred not to stop in the dark, so she didn’t stop right away and continued driving with her hazard lights on until she got to where she felt better. Stop the vehicle or I will put you on the ground, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason DeSue can be heard saying on body camera video over the department’s vehicle area speakers.

Ebony Washington’s vehicle pulls into a gas depot and stops before DeSue gets out with a gun drawn. Assuming you make any progress, this will be the last mistake you make, DeSue yells toward Ebony Washington’s vehicle, as the video suggests. Trying not to move, Washington is seen putting his hands out of the car as DeSue points her gun at the lady’s vehicle from hers. The lady said the Florida deputy advised her to get out, but she replied that she was wearing her seat belt. The video shows that’s when she gets out and the deputy pulls her arm and handcuffs her.

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